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Curved Space’s Summer Launch Sees Slight Delay

Video game publisher Maximum Games today announced a delay in takeoff for upcoming galactic shoot ‘em up Curved Space. The game, previously expected out June 18th, will now release on June 29th across PC, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, with Nintendo Switch moving to a July 13th launch. The Nintendo Switch version will also have a physical release at launch. Curved Space is available to pre-order now.
Curved Space is an intense arcade-style twin-stick shooter that takes the classic formula and plunges it into the weirdest reaches of space. Battle cosmic space-invading spiders across curved landscapes where bullets hug the terrain while the horizon drops sharply out of sight. Take on battles of cosmic proportions in the Campaign Mode, become the best in the galaxy by rising to the top of the Leaderboards, or last as long as your ship can stand it in Endless Mode, and so much more.
Inspired by arcade classics, players will have to hunt for weapon power-ups and upgrades while dodging enemy fire, blasting interdimensional bugs, and wrangling some enormous boss monsters. 

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