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Cardnarok: Raid with Gods Press Release 5/14

Independent Developer Greedy Wolf Studio today launches mythical Roguelite Deckbuilder Cardnarok: Raid with Gods out of Steam Early Access with a 30% discount.

While inspired by card battlers like Slay the Spire and Monster Slayers, what Cardnarok brings to the table is an exciting twist to the core gameplay. Instead of playing as one hero, players need to manage three and make clever use of Divine Cards that alter their effects after the character switch.

“The concept is actually quite simple,” said Frank Chang, game designer of Cardnarok and founder of Greedy Wolf Studio. “Say you want to make an attack and switch to a damage dealer to maximize the damage. The monsters may or may not make an Opportunity Attack during the switch, so you will need to weigh up the pros and cons before making every move.”

Switching in battle will also trigger other beneficial effects. For example, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, will heal the team member with the lowest health after the switch, while Athena, the Greek goddess of warfare, will attack the monster with the highest health. The option to make switches and trigger divine abilities opens up countless possibilities and adds another tactical element to combat.

“In other words, when you need that killing blow, but you have run out of cards, switching to Athena can also do the job,” Frank explained.

Since the Early Access launch in May 2020, Cardnarok has received more than 50 updates in less than a year. The dedicated dev team has fulfilled its promise to the players, expanding the playable card repertoire from 60 to over 100. The game has also received visual upgrades to characters, monsters, and UI. The development team also implemented extra features and options suggested by the Community players, new difficulties, in addition to hundreds of changes.

“The gameplay has transcended to another level with the introduction of the new Hard, Nightmare, and Hell difficulties,” said Frank. “You can decide which deities to join the battle after studying monster traits in battle previews and which monster to put down first, and the addition of traits has added multiple layers of strategy for hardcore card game players to think about.”

Greedy Wolf Studio plans to start working on Chinese mythology after the launch and make the game available on other PC platforms.

“I have beaten the final boss at the Hell difficulty as the game’s designer to make sure it’s doable,” Frank concluded. “We tested the game for hundreds of hours and had a lot of fun doing it. I hope the game can give card gamers a good challenge.”

About the game

A roguelite deckbuilding card game that demands tactics and switching in battle. Unlock and lead Greek and Egyptian gods into battle, develop your very own deck builds, preview levels and choose your path, and survive mythological bosses to defeat Azathoth in each playthrough.


Harness the power of the Gods – Recruit Gods and Goddesses from the greatest stories ever told. Meet Hermes, Zeus, Athena, Anubis, Isis, and more – each with their own unique active and passive abilities.

Play as not one but three heroes at once – A never-before-seen feature in a card battle game! When you move a deity to the front row, he/she will automatically perform a special move. These moves include abilities that heal teammates, make an extra attack, or even provide beneficial effects such as drawing an additional card or regaining action points!

Watch your back! – When you swap the God currently leading your party, your attackers have a chance to make an opportunity attack. Time your switches carefully – or you could be a party member down!

Master ‘Divine Powers’ – Special’ Divine Cards’ morph and change based on the deity currently leading the charge.

Embark on a unique adventure every time – Move around a randomly generated tabletop map to gather coins, healing potions, and new heroes to join your party.

Prepare for the unexpected – Each Expedition is procedurally generated, revealing new paths, loot, and creatures.

It’s also a survival game – Health will not be automatically restored after level up or battle. How far can you push in each Expedition?

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