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Contain the Riots & Racketeering as Prison Guard in a Federal Penitentiary on Lockdown

Indie game developer Baked Games is proud to announce the official release of Prison Simulator: Prologue, a FREE prequel and first-look of the studios upcoming strategy and simulation game, Prison Simulator, scheduled for a worldwide release on PC via STEAM™ later this year. Prison Simulatorchallenges you to gain control of a prison riot, and you must use any means necessary to restore law and order. Do you have what it takes to make split-second decisions of life and death to survive another day!

Prison Simulator Prologue :: 20.05.2021 5pm CEST

Prison Simulator takes you behind bars as a prison guard. You only have 30 days left on your shift until a promotion can free you of the duties and responsibilities tied to your job, and it is critical that you balance tasks from management, while trying to keep the peace in the yard. This is no easy encounter! You must accept new inmates as they arrive, conduct cell shakedowns, locate contrabands, monitor the yard, do surveillance and resolve conflicts between high-profile prisoners’ intent on making your life a living hell. Prison Simulator:Prologue, available today, precedes the events of the full game and is an action-oriented prelude: you are tasked and challenged to survive a real prison riot and deal with a very upset Warden not making life easy on you. Inmates will attack you; alarms go off, shanks are everywhere, and the entire prison is on lockdown with inmates running wild and going crazy. Fight to survive and get your prison under control!


  • A story with an EPIC Twist!
  • Manage Conflicts Between Inmates.
  • Search For Contraband.
  • Play Mini-Games.
  • Wide Array Of Weapons.

Get the FREE prologue from STEAM™ ( and add the game to your Wishlist (

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