Quick-fire May 2021, Part Two

Fair Games Studio’s Protocol is a comedy sci-fi adventure game that was already released way back in November 2018, and saw the light of the day on PlayStation 4 on the 30th of April 2021. It was published by Samustai and can be obtained for Xbox One as well. By signing below, you agree to follow the Protocol. Protocol is a program of strict rules created to make first contact with an alien life form that got shot down in the Arctic Circle.

In Protocol you are a flippant soldier who was chosen to make first contact with an alien entity that was shot down somewhere in the Arctic Circle. But there is a twist – every violation of the Protocol leads to the termination of the entire operation and also your inevitable death. The game is a science fiction comedy filled with action and some horror elements here and there. It runs in first-person view and is filled with puzzles you need to endure while following the Protocol. I am sure that this will make a lot of players frustrated, since it follows the “you failed – try again differently” system. The frustration also comes from unskippable cut scenes that you need to sit through and watch again and again… and again. There are no serious instructions on what to do and when you fail your task, you are returned to the beginning of your last checkpoint where you will try to fail again in some other way. The graphics of Protocol are more than decent, so is the voice acting, and the story writing is done quite nice. The gameplay time for a full playthrough takes you about ten hours, so it is a quite a hefty experience. Protocol is intended to be played by mature audiences, so get it if you are of legal age and want to fail again and again… and again.

Savage Halloween
Savage Halloween is an indie platformer game by 2ndBoss that was released on Steam on the 26th of October 2020, but came to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on the 15th of April this year. In Savage Halloween the world is taken over by monsters from the afterlife who were trapped in the Earth after a Halloween party, and now they have decided to make their new home here.

Savage Halloween is a side-scrolling 2D shooter platformer that comes through like an homage to retro games from the early Nintendo era. You will shoot through seven quite large scenarios with different gameplay mechanics. Able to choose from are three different characters – James, Lulu and Dominika, and each comes with distinct weapons and attacks. Bosses and enemies are diverse and they do not respawn when you leave and return to the same game area. The game is not too challenging, at least not on the normal difficulty, and its art style and soundtrack are nice and delightful. Savage Halloween also supports local co-operative mode, so you can take on the whole game with a friend or relative. It will take you about two hours to complete a playthrough, but there is a replayability factor by completing it again two more times with a different character. It is also very cheap (4,99 €), so make sure you get it, if you are craving for some retro nostalgia. Halloween really came early this year, and we had a blast celebrating it!