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If a Man Writes “Death” a Thousand Times, He Starts to Wonder, is That Even a Word? But it is…

Strangeland, a psychological horror adventure game set within a funhouse of the mind, has just released for PC on Steam and GOG. Normally priced at $14.99 / £11.39, the game is on sale for 10% off through June 1.

Strangeland launch trailer

Strangeland is a pixel art point & click adventure developed by Wormwood Studios, who last released the acclaimed Primordia in 2012, and published by Wadjet Eye Games, an indie studio well known for its catalog of high-quality adventure games. You play as a nameless Stranger grappling with dark questions in a nightmarish carnival where a golden-haired woman keeps throwing herself down a well. Who is she? Can you save her… or can she save you?
The search for answers only raises more questions as a growing Dark Thing threatens to overtake the park and swallow the Stranger’s soul in the process. Creative puzzles, evocative hand-drawn graphics, and nuanced symbolism make for a unique narrative game that will make you think — and, perhaps unexpectedly, will make you hope.


  • A bizarre dreamscape brought to life with striking and surreal pixel art graphics.
  • Clever puzzles with layered solutions — sometimes more than one.
  • A rich allegorical story about identity, loss, and redemption that can only be fully understood if you look beyond what’s in front of you — it’s a puzzle all on its own.
  • An integrated hint system, for those who want it.
  • Play it again: hours of developer commentary and an “annotation mode” shed light on the game’s numerous metaphors, references, and enigmas.

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