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Tennis Manager 2021 is Now Available on PC in Early Access

The French studio Rebound CG is proud to launch its managing simulation Tennis Manager 2021 on PC today in Early Access, giving players the opportunity to take the reins of a tennis academy, and to become the best manager! The game is available on Steam and the Epic Game Store for $34,99 // 34,99 € // 29,99 £.

In the steps of successful management games such as Football Manager, and Motorsport Manager, Tennis Manager 2021 promises a rich and highly technical tennis management game.

Due to the appeal of the project and the endless possibilities of additional features, the studio decided to release the game in Early Access. Lots of players in the community on Discord have helped the team to improve the game and came up with valuable ideas for future features. Deeming Tennis Manager 2021 now has enough content to be fully playable, yet still presents room for feature additions, it was high time for Tennis Manager 2021 to be released in Early Access. Bi-monthly updates are scheduled to enrich its content, up to the Final Release scheduled for later this year.

Augustin Pluchet, CEO of Rebound CG adds “Tennis is such a mainstream and strategic sport that the management game genre is a perfect fit. The future of tennis content is digital, and gaming, as a playable media, is the best possible platform for engaging the new generation of tennis addicts, casual or more competitive, around the world. Pro players and streamers are embracing the game and we are sure the large communities of tennis fans and sport gamers will love it!”

Tennis Manager 2021 features

  • Choose your academy or create your own from scratch, shape your champions, and rise to the top of the tennis scene.
  • Embrace the life of a manager by dealing with finances, infrastructures, staff, coaching and much more.
  • Scout for 5000 players of both the female & male, junior & pro circuits to recruit the legends of tomorrow.
  • Manage the schedule of your pro team.
  • Participate in conferences and press interviews to make a name for yourself and your players.
  • Participate in over 2000 tournaments.
  • Travel the world to coach your players with a unique 3D match-sim engine.
  • Adapt the playstyle of your player in real time thanks to a deep set of analytic that helps you make the right choices.
Tennis Manager 2021 – Launch Trailer – Out Now on PC

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