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Announcing Fashion Police Squad: It’s Time to Fight Fashion Crime

Publishing label No More Robots (Descenders, Yes, Your Grace) and development studio Mopeful Games are ecstatic to announce Fashion Police Squad, a new first-person shooter that will walk down the fashion runway next year.

Fashion crimes are being committed throughout the city of Trendopolis, and only the Fashion Police Squad can deal with them. Socks with sandals? No thank you. Saggy pants sans belt? Not on your watch. Get your hanger management in line, and leave the people of Trendopolis looking dapper AF.

Fashion Police Squad Reveal Trailer

Once you’ve solved every crime, your perps must take part in the Parole Ball, a fashion runway show where they show off the threads you’ve provided, and prove to the world that you’re dealing real Fashion Justice.

Fashion Police Squad features a fresh weapon-switching mechanic, as each new crime needs to be solved with a specific tool. Use your sewing machine gun to make those ill-fitting suits look tight, then switch to the Belt of Justice and help pull those trousers up.

Working out which weapons to use in which scenarios is a puzzle in itself, and finding ways to utilize your arsenal to take out deadly bosses, and discover secrets scattered throughout the city, is the key to making Trendopolis a safer, fashion crime-free place.

Add on top a full, single-player campaign, with numerous crimes, worlds, secrets and mysteries to uncover, and we’re looking at a fabulous time. Who is the enigmatic Deep Coat? What’s the source of all this fashion crime? Only the Fashion Police Squad can follow the threads, and discover the truth.

Fashion Police Squad is coming in 2022, with a closed PC beta on the way. All the details can be found at and beta signups can be found here.

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