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Satirical Beat ’em Up Albacete Warrior Arrives on Steam Early Access

In the ancient land of Castille, a new legend is born. Help a rising ninja to fulfill an ancient prophecy and slap all those who dare to cross your way in Albacete Warrior. The new beat ‘em up by FAS3 and Gammera Nest is now available on Steam Early Access, both as a single-player and local co-op adventure with controller support, for €2.92/$3.99.

This satirical game set in the small town of Albacete mixes jokes and sarcastic comments about the present time with a few elements of the ninja movies from the 90s. Also, the name is a reference to TV reality shows like American Ninja Warrior, a competition where people from all over the world try to complete a series of obstacle courses until one of them becomes the last participant standing.


In Albacete Warrior, you will play as Benito Waters, a warrior whose master Paco entrusted a very important mission to. Benito seems to be the Chosen One which the legends talk about, so he must begin an adventure across the world to fulfill the prophecy. With his inseparable friend and, also, main weapon Pepito The Chicken, the ninja from Albacete will fight waves of enemies whose only wish is to see him dead.


  • Enjoy a special blend of beat ‘em up and platformer game with a touch of Castilian culture.
  • Walk along 2.5D beautiful locations inspired by Albacete and it’s most famous events.
  • Defeat every living creature with Pepito to show them the power of a true Spanish ninja.
  • Be ready to fight some of the baddest guys of the world in fast-paced boss battles, who will try to kill Benito before he fulfills the prophecy.
  • Sometimes adventures are funnier if there’s a friend with you: enjoy a two-player cooperative mode where you can experience Benito’s odyssey, and shed gallons of pixelated blood.
  • Also, show your friend who’s the true Albacete Warrior in savage 1v1 combats with no limits or distractions — just you two unleashing your ninja powers.

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