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Sunblaze: a Brain-twisting Precision Platformer Launches on PC and Nintendo Switch

SUNBLAZE is a mind-bending 2D precision platformer inspired by Celeste. With a deep emphasis on solving witty puzzles the game might cause massive brain growth, but has also proven to be dangerous for your controller. Lead the main character Josie through a superhero training room operated by her retired superhero dad, but beware! The room is going rogue, and attempts keep you trapped inside forever. Dash through over 700 handcrafted levels and keep dying for hours and hours!

“It’s been an honor working with Sunblaze,” the guys from Bonus Stage Publishing say, “the game is truly entertaining and beautiful to look at. It makes you want to try again and again, even though that means dying and dying. You keep on playing so you can get just a little more of that heartwarming story. Try not to smash your controller though.”
SUNBLAZE is also making considerable moves on its accessibility. Wanting as many people to enjoy the game as possible, the Sunblaze team is adding multiple accessibility options in the game. SUNBLAZE has customizable difficulty options in the main game menu and in addition to that the team also added a separate “Zen mode” to the game.

Sunblaze trailer – Wishlist and get the demo now on Steam!

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