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Garbage Fighting Management Game Out Today on Steam

Indie publisher GrabTheGames is launching Garbage, a fighting simulator game with management and building elements, on Steam today for $14.99.

In Garbage, you can experience the struggle which a homeless man goes through in a humorous yet non-offensive manner. Primitive elements of contemporary life, such as staying warm, well-nourished, and hygienic, will become an issue. 

“Live a chilling story through hand drawn comics that narrate the silliness of Garbage world”, says Rafal Kokosza, CEO at GrabTheGames. “Just don’t get sucked in by the negative emotions”.

Garbage features a grim city environment with astonishing visual effects and catchy music. Listen to unique sounding character voices that resemble no words but a weird hobo mumble.

A demo version of the game is currently available for free.


  • Choose between hundreds of skills to build something of a masterpiece fighter.
  • Combine techniques to build a team that works together.
  • In-depth construction system with many unique buildings and upgrades.
  • Take care of your bums as if they were a Tamagochi – feed, shower, and train them.
  •  Real life weather system: Day, night, and even seasons.
  • Employ bums to work at your camp.
  • Contains 5 districts that you can occupy and explore.
  • Participate in organized events: legal and illegal.

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