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Merchant of the Skies is Out Now on PlayStation 5

PID Games and Coldwild Games are thrilled to announce Merchant of the Skies arriving on Playstation 5! After an acclaimed release on PC and consoles, the poetic trading game is finally coming to Next Gen. Merchant of the Skies is already available here:

Vladimir Slav, developer:
“Merchant of the Skies is our attempt to make a non-violent, cosy and peaceful trading game that allows for relaxed base-building and management experience. We always admired peaceful games and wanted to make one, but found it to be very challenging, since rivalry and combat is something that makes the game experiences exciting. Helen, our artist, started drawing cosy pixel art, and it proved to be a good fit for economic game elements. I’m curious to see how the game performs on nextgen consoles.”

Merchant of the skies is an experimental game: it does not have a distinct genre, but tries to capture the feeling of traveling the world and establishing your own company. Enjoy exploration, base building, trading and some minor RPG elements into the game.

You’re the captain of an airship. Sell items, gather resources and build your own trade empire in the clouds. Merchant of the Skies is a trading game with light base-building and tycoon elements. You start off as the captain of a small cloud ship and work your way towards establishing your own trade company.


  • Become a trader! Find the best trade routes and profit from them.
  • Discover the world! Travel between flying isles and meet different encounters.
  • Sandbox gameplay: do what you want at your own pace.
  • Gain experience and become savvier when it comes to trading, then start your own goods production.
  • Establish trade routes to transport and sell goods without your direct involvement.
  • Get rich and build your own mansion from more than 200 different building blocks.

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