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Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder Coming to Steam Challenges You to Lead a Platoon of Orcs

Indie game developer G-DEVS is proud to announce the upcoming release of Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder, a real-time strategy game coming to STEAM™ in 2022. Published by Creative Forge Games, you are challenged to play an Orc Warchief on a mission to ensure survival of your race by gathering your hordes of Orcs and leading them into battle to wipeout anything standing in your path!

Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder

Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder offers a deep and rich gameplay experience with a host of cool features; you play a young Warchief lusting for blood, and your warriors want revenge on the human scum that defeated your race in the Great War in times gone by. You must rebuild your villages, reclaim your land and seek out to kill anyone standing in your way. Preparing for conquest is an important part of the game. Gather supplies, collect resources, train your Orcs and sharpen your blades. Hunt for game and strengthen your defenses and prepare for unexpected attacks and surprise encounters. Mine metal and forge weapons necessary for your army and equip heavy armor and gear. Each Orc in your clan has a unique set of skills you must learn to utilize in the best way possible. With experience you will master the craft!
Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder is an awesome RTS game with beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay. To prevail and win, you need to master the balance between expansion and current needs of your clan. By raiding human settlements or ambushing their caravans you gather important tools and weapons while striking fear into your enemy. Buildings can be unlocked, and special units made available to increase your strength. Worship your Gods to unlock forbidden powers that have devastating effect on your enemies when you blaze into war.
Defeat is not an option! A true Orc is born and dies by the blade!

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