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Action-RPG Decision: Red Daze Releases New Teaser Trailer

Nordcurrent and FlyAnvil release today a new teaser trailer for the action RPG Decision: Red Daze, set for release on Steam in Early 2022. This trailer highlights the core gameplay and key features of the game, an action-packed RPG that pushes you to explore and survive in the bleach Dust Bowl, a region besieged by the dreadful disease known as the Red Daze. As a former militiaman, now a member of one of the few bands of survivors, you’ll put your combat expertise and tactical knowledge to the service of your community, building a safe haven and defending it against zombies and mutants with tower defense mechanics, in the hopes of eventually finding a cure for the Red Daze.


Decision: Red Daze is an isometric action RPG with a unique mix of survival and tower defense mechanics. As the Red Daze engulfs the continent, leaving destruction and horribly mutated monsters in its wake, survivors are the only glimmer of hope the human race has. As the leader of a settlement, you must find these people and recruit them in order to clear the Earth from this dangerous disease. Feel the adrenaline rush fighting back hordes of horrible zombies, mutants, and other deadly creatures that will try to kill you at sight, explore the world in search of new allies, find and upgrade deadly weapons, craft increasingly powerful defense mechanisms to keep your settlements safe. Don’t low your guard, danger is never far away.

The Red Daze, a nightmarish disease that turns people into mutated monsters, has taken hold of the wasteland known as the Dust Bowl — and the blistering heat and dust is making the disease airborne, threatening to engulf the whole continent in it. This illness has shaped the world and human history for millennia; with the governments and world powers constantly at each other’s throat, fending off the mutants and zombies and searching for a way to stop the propagation of the Red Daze falls in the hands of groups of survivors, soldiers and scientists.  You are one of them: the last man standing of a unit from the militia known as the Bears. A group of survivors saved you after your whole unit was slaughtered in the Dust Bowl. You joined their ranks, offering your combat experience, knowledge of tactics, and leadership skills. Your mission consists of building a safe haven and defending it — but also to venture into the Dust Bowl, fighting mutants and zombies to find and recruit more survivors. Maybe you will find a way to push the Red Daze back.

Sometimes, the future of the entire human race rests in one man’s hands. This time, it might be yours.

Red Daze is the new entry of the Decision franchise — born as Flash-based games in 2012, its three first entries became a cult hit, gathering a huge and loyal fanbase over the years. These games won several accolades, including Best Shooting Game at the Mochi Awards 2013, Best Action Game of 2014 by Armor Games, and Best Indie Game at DevGAMM Kyiv 2013. This new entry brings the franchise to Steam, updating and expanding its core gameplay in a fresh, engaging and thrilling experience.


  • Experience a unique blend of action roleplay, survival, and tower defense mechanics that will keep you at the edge of your seat.
  • Explore a huge map in search of new allies and valuable resources: anyone you find out there is a potential hero!
  • Adapt to an alive, dangerous world with a day-and-night cycle that affects the gameplay experience profoundly.
  • Capture new settlements and upgrade them to host more survivors.
  • Build defenses to keep your settlements safe from the endless waves of enemies.
  • Find potential heroes with their own specialized classes and talents to recruit, so they can join you every time you go outside to explore.
  • Try a wide selection of brutal weapons to mow down your enemies.
  • Craft new equipment and gear to better equip your survivors.
Decision: Red Daze Trailer

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