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Did You Think Agility and Elegance Don’t Belong in Blood Bowl? The Elven Union Are Here to Prove Otherwise

Announced at the Warhammer Skulls event, the Blood Bowl 3 closed beta is now in full swing. To celebrate this moment long awaited by fans, NACON and Cyanide are pleased to reveal all the details for the third team playable in the beta: the Elven Union. Relying on passing and their players’ agility, the Elven Union teams are out to prove that Blood Bowl is a sport that can be played with grace, finesse and elegance.  


Composed of High Elves, Wood Elves and Dark Elves, the teams comprising the Elven Union are known for their agility and passing game. But be careful: when it comes to physical contact, the players on these teams are fragile and injury prone.

There are four types of players in the Elven Union teams. The main strength of the inexpensive linemen and linewomen is their agility. As for the throwers, they can throw long passes with surgical precision. The throwers form formidable pairs with the receivers, who can catch the most incredible passes. And finally, the blitzers are there to block opponent attacks.

Want to put your skills to the test with Elven Union in Blood Bowl 3? The closed beta can still be played until 13 June2021! Register on the official site. Keys are gradually sent out throughout the beta.

Click here to register for the Blood Bowl 3 closed beta.

Funnier, bloodier, and more spectacular than ever, Blood Bowl 3 will be a hit with fans of the universe and strategy games alike. At launch, the game will include 12 teams’ each with their own pitch and cheerleaders, Campaign and Multiplayer modes, and more customization options than a Blood Bowl game has ever received before. 

Blood Bowl 3 will be available in early access on PC in September 21.
The full release is scheduled for February 22 on PC, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, and Nintendo Switch™.

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