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Outsider: After Life Discovers Itself on PC, Releasing 13th July, Demo Available This Week

Once A Bird is bringing their award-winning narrative adventure, Outsider: After Life, to PC via Steam on the 13th of July. You can get hands-on with Outsider: After Life in a demo which will be available from the 16th of June as part of Steam Next Fest.

Outsider: After Life Release Date Trailer

Outsider is a thought-provoking adventure game that puts you in the (robotic) shoes of HUD-ini, a unique android who may be humanity’s last hope of survival. Journey with HUD-ini through an emotional story full of awe and wonder, shot in one continuous camera.

This galactic and cosmic adventure is fuelled by mystery, logically-challenging puzzles, beautiful set pieces and a captivating soundtrack.

Game features
Story-Focused Puzzles – Every puzzle is embedded into the captivating sci-fi narrative of Outsider: After Life. From restoring HUD-ini to exploring a now barren Earth, solving each puzzle will progress the story.

The End of Humanity Never Looked so Good – From the adorable HUD-ini to the sweeping vistas of an alien planet, Outsider: After Life visuals pop with striking colours and beautiful hand-animated set-pieces.

It Just Makes Sense – Gone are the days of using a rubber chicken as a zip-line. Every puzzle you’ll come across on your galactic journey can be solved with some mind-bending but fair logic.

Interstellar Adventures Need a Soundtrack – A sci-fi adventure needs a ‘stellar’ soundtrack, and Outsider: After Life is no different. The dark and atmospheric tones sweep in to really drive home some key story beats.

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