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Lilith Odyssey Releases Free Demo: Lead Your Alien Family Across a Quirky Space Adventure

Duo developer studio Chaystar Unlimited announced today the demo release of Lilith Odyssey, a five-year passion project inspired by a nostalgia for Oregon Trail and the immersive depth of No Man’s Sky. Lilith Odyssey takes the survival strategy gameplay of a migration adventure and puts it in an oddball, low-poly galaxy filled with alien cultures and animals, space businesses, and the freedom to explore more than 1000 unique worlds.

With Lilith Odyssey, we aim to bring a fresh take to the space adventure genre by simulating an alien family’s migration across the cosmos. We want players to feel the challenge and mystery of a galactic journey. Flight sim mechanics are used to ride solar rays across vast distances, balanced with the strategy to manage supplies, defend against space- and ground-level threats, and explore opportunities for food, fuel and goods on alien worlds. Our hope is that the adventure captures the grand scale of long-distance space navigation and draws players into the civilization of a strange galaxy that comes with its own lingo, history and an in-game radio of original “pop hits” and ads. The story has a beginning and an end, but it’s the player’s leadership that defines the rest.

This demo is a tutorial that challenges the player to traverse a sandbox mini-galaxy and reach the other side. Players will sample game play that includes:

  • Purchasing and outfitting space sailers that glide on solar rays.
  • Advancing food and fuel gathering operations.
  • Charting paths along solar highways to navigate deadly space storms and “dead zones”.
  • Beaming your family down to planets, moons and asteroids to harvest fuel and resources.
  • Fending off strange creatures and hostile inhabitants.
  • Researching survival technology, defenses and weaponry for planets and cosmic travel.
  • Tuning into the Grand Theft Auto-inspired radio station – the game’s original soundtrack that includes “hit songs,” DJ segments and ads that are completely unique to the Lilith Odyssey universe.

With an anticipated early access launch on August 6, 2021, Lilith Odyssey is now ready for curious players to put their space leadership skills to the test. Check out the Steam store page for more quirk, content, and to download the demo.

Lilith Odyssey Announcement Trailer

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