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Rise of Humanity: Prologue Coming to Steam on 24 June

Cybernetic Walrus announced that a free prologue for Rise of Humanity will be available starting 24 June 2021. The game uniquely combines turn-based strategy with deck-building, features RPG elements, beautiful 3D graphics and an engaging story.

”We’re really proud of Rise of Humanity, it’s a complex but fun card game with a unique mechanic, stunning visuals and one-of-a-kind weapons such as an exploding bunny.” Mike Coeck, CEO of Cybernetic Walrus said. ”We’ve made some exciting new additions to the core gameplay, based on a lot of iteration and user testing: we introduced a movement and energy system that made the game even more exciting and strategic and the deck-building aspect is even more prominent now!”

The game works on a hexagonal base, each hero (and enemy) is controlled by a deck of cards, allowing them to move around the play field, attack enemies, lay traps and dodge incoming fire. Players will complete strategic missions and build decks for each of their heroes.

There is a lot at stake here: if you play the wrong card your hero can easily end up being slayed by the enemy bots, so you have to plan your strategy wisely! The game also has some RPG elements: the characters interact through conversations and their skills can be improved by completing missions.

Rise of Humanity – Cinematic Teaser Trailer

The Early Access version of the game is planned to release in the coming months, more information to follow on this soon.

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