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Less Than a Week to Go Until the Release of Hell of Men: Blood Brothers, the RTS About the Start of World War III

Zerouno Games and Whacky Squad Studio are very pleased to present Hell of Men; Blood Brothers, an indie RTS (Real Time Strategy) game in which two brothers will be involved to limits they never imagined.

After 3 years of development, v1.0 of Hell of Men: Blood Brothers is almost here. 33 updates have come this far with 5 player’s evolved interfaces and several graphical, level and maps improvements. The main objective? To match the player and offer a rich and diverse experience.

The original early access told a first story in a five-mission arc but now you will have 8 missions with context missions about the NATO and Russia perspectives. All this maps have been reworked to fit better in the story and to add new units, factions and buildings to the story.

The game will be on sale Tuesday, June 29th, 2021 on the PC/Steam platform at a price of 19.99€, but you can take advantage of a special launch offer from June 23th to 30th with a 15% discount.

Hell of Men Bloodbrothers – Trailer – Zerouno Games

Hell of Men: Blood Brothers
Hell of Men: Blood Brothers tells the story of the fateful historical moment when Russia breaks off diplomatic relations and annexes Ukraine under the closed eyes of the United Nations. As Europe is about to explode, Belarus, Russia’s next target, organizes itself to fight for its sovereignty. In Hell of Men: Blood Brothers you will have to collect resources to expand your base and form your platoon. Your base will offer you a large choice of buildings and units, each unit has its strengths and weaknesses. Scattered around the world, you will find strategic points that you will have to capture to make vehicles spawn. You must then assign soldiers to use them.


  • An interesting and unique story!
  • Small-scale combat. Optimize your infantry platoon.
  • Strategic combat with a cover system for infantry.
  • 5 factions each with special units and bonuses.
  • A large choice of infantry and drone units.
  • 4 resources with 3 different types of collection.
  • Colorful environments.
  • A modern war context.

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