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Endocrisis, the New Shoot ’em Up is Available to Buy Now

Block and absorb enemy shots! that is the main tactic in this game.

A very unique Shoot’em up where you can always recover from a complex situation if you concentrate and use the technic of block and absorb. While you are shooting, you lose life, and you can recover it back, absorbing bullets.

A non linear shoot’em up 

On Endocrisis, you can choose any order to complete the game. You can choose to play stages to gain a power-up for you ship or fight directly to the bosses.

Fast to try and error

The load times are quick, and the game has a map with a save game progress to retry later and continue without passing the wholes set of levels.

One hit game over, but you can always recover.

If you get a hit with your life power over 70%, you don’t lose like the typical shoot’em up. Instead of that, your energy goes to 0%, and a bomb will wipe out all enemy shots of the screen. 

You can recover your power by absorbing the yellow enemy shots or stay on defense mode to recover energy slowly. 

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