Affectus Wins Fan Favorite Vote 15 at GDWC 2021

Affectus by game development team Affectus Games from France has won the Fan Favorite voting round 15 at the Game Development World Championship 2021 (GDWC). Affectus is available on Steam with planned release for this year.

“A cyberpunk stealth-action RPG set in a decadent and sick megalopolis, where the only way to feel good is a drug called Affectus. With no memory, you must unravel the mysteries of your past. Acquire implants, infiltrate, hack, or fight to uncover a vast conspiracy and find a cure to the virus.”

Find more information about Affectus at GDWC:

2nd place went to SimPocalypse by Gamex Studio from Slovenia. “A post-apocalyptic civilization simulator game, where you manage & lead your settlement to become a global empire!”

3rd place was taken by If On A Winter’s Night, Four Travelers by Dead Idle Games from Germany. “A narrative-driven point-and-click adventure with horror elements that explores the stories of four different characters in a masked ball taking place aboard a train in the late 1920s.”

GDWC Team send congratulations to the Winners and thanks to all voters and Nominees. Every week nine games are up for a public vote with the winner moving on to the finals. Find latest nominees at https://thegdwc.com.

GDWC 2021 Fan Favorite Vote 16 Nominees!

GDWC 2021 Fan Favorite Vote 16 Nominees are:

  • Arboria by Dreamplant (Poland)
  • Beyond Dark Tales by Exo404 (Russia)
  • Hero’s Descent by Dan’s Video Games (USA)
  • Meteoroids 3D by Peter Kratky (Spain)
  • Midnight Ohota by The Bratans (Russia)
  • Parasight by Amir Salemi (Canada)
  • Sir War-A-Lot by Studio Cypix (South Africa)
  • Stardeus by Kodo Linija (Lithuania)
  • Survival Vacancy by ahmed kamal (Egypt)

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