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Horror Roguelike Deck Builder Draft of Darkness Approaches Early Access

Crawly Games today announced that their roguelike deck builder, Draft of Darkness, will launch on Steam Early Access for PC and Linux on July 30th. Along with this announcement, a new trailer and an updated demo have been revealed. Draft of Darkness has been in Private Alpha since its debut in Steam Game Festival on February. The game aims to merge resource management mechanics and tense atmosphere of survival horrors with roguelike dungeon exploration and card battles extending the strategical depth it offers.

“When designing Draft of Darkness, I wanted to bring together elements from genres I immensely enjoy, creating a unique experience.” said Berker Sonmez of Crawly Games, “Having played trending deck builders that focus solely on combat; I aimed to extend this experience by adding an explorable overworld and a more present story that players will actually care about.”

Set in a dark post-apocalyptic world, Draft of Darkness tells a story from near future; where a synthetic substance invented to help humanity turns into a deadly virus in the wrong hands, causing corrupted robots and infected creatures to roam the streets and spread terror. Jake and Cara, with their own reasons pushing them to investigate the roots of this disaster; find themselves in a recursion of events they are trapped in. Soon they will notice the strange rules of this world, meet characters offering them answers. In the end, it’s up to them to choose who to trust.

Draft of Darkness integrates the main concept of roguelikes into its story. Although every run starts at the same point in time, players have a chance to affect the story permanently so that they will see the consequences of their choices in the next run, revealing a new path to progress further. Aside from unlocking new cards and items, meta-progression of the story helps it become much more intertwined with the rest of the game.

At the start of every run, players will be able to construct a starting deck for their hero, selecting from a pool of cards they have unlocked. With the help of new companions they recruit along the way, they will be exploring the procedurally generated residence, streets and hospital areas; each with unique multiple-choice events, environmental hazards causing status effects and dangerous bosses requiring different strategies. It is crucial to manage the decks of the hero and companions to create synergies between different weapon types, while trying to save enough ammo for the next enemy.

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  • Procedurally generated levels with detailed events offering puzzles and difficult choices.
  • 135+ cards associated with 6 weapon types to construct decks with, each weapon type having a different style and requiring creative ways to devise synergies.
  • 3 heroes with their own background story and gameplay mechanics.
  • 4 companion types with randomized perks and starting cards, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right party members.
  • 45+ items with unique passive or active effects allowing for many creative combos.
  • 19 basic enemies and 9 boss fights with different mechanics challenging the player to change their approach and experiment to optimize their methods.
  • 16 notes to read, 35 achievements to hunt and many secrets to uncover.
  • Grungy art style blending old-school digitized sprites with low fidelity 3d environments, creating a unique atmosphere fitting the dark world presented.
Draft of Darkness – Horror Roguelike Deck Builder Early Access Trailer

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