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THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid Will Be Released on PC on July 22nd

After a few months with no news about THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid, the first-person horror adventure will finally arrive on July 22nd on PC via Steam. We will soon announce the upcoming launch of Waraní Studios title on other platforms.

THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid will take place in Gran Chaco, a vast region that stretches across Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina, and its storyline will explore terrifying myths and legends of universal folklore.


THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid is a first person game, where the use of guns should be limited to certain challenges and evil creatures, you will count on very low ammo and should fight just when there is no other chance, fleet whenever is possible if you want to get the end of the adventure.

Decades after the happenings that created THE ORIGIN, a corrupt politician fled from justice, refuges himself in an inhospitable región full of terrible legends. His assistant runs away from him holding the key from the car that the politician needs to leave the place. During his search, he will face space and time, being forced to come back to the past and face The Origin of the Blind Maid while he tries to redeem himself.

Main features:

  • From an old alchimist, learn how to create beverages, craft and the use of black magic to face your enemies.
  • Will you be able to listen to psychophonies from those who dare to visit the place? If so, maybe you can use it in your own good.
  • Improve your physical and mental skills to get any real chance to find out The Origin.
  • Solve intrincated puzles to carry on with your adventure.

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