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Steady Mushroom Ltd. is Announcing a New Game Title Outrevenge: Resurrection

A Top-Down Cyberpunk Action-Adventure.

Lead a Military Special Missions Unit in a battle against deadly lifeforms.

A powerful mega corporation operating on a giant space station has resurrected life on planet Zitatron-3. Space station Erena has two classes of humans living on it; Workers and citizens. Citizens enjoy their lives in luxury, while workers are responsible for maintaining the space station. Workers live in prison-like conditions and work to earn credit and hope that one day they have earned enough to get citizenship for them and their families.

Fear is not an option!

Death is inevitable!

• Each enemy type has unique AI and abilities.

• Several weapon types.

• Multiple vehicles to control.

• Dynamic environments.

• Boss battles.

• Hand-drawn animated cutscenes.

Outrevenge Announcement Trailer

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