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Goop Loop Rolls Out of Early Access

Lone Wulf Studio LLC has announced that Goop Loop is rolling out of early access on Steam tomorrow. Goop Loop is a physics-based platformer with a simple mechanic that’s difficult to master: you jump and stick to a loop. Physics does the rest. Imagine a hamster ball, but with a giant booger, or something like that. There’s also commentary and bad puns to egg you on. It’s a silly, fun, rage-inducing challenge. Experience the trials and triumphs associated with learning a completely different style of movement. You may struggle to get moving at first, but after you figure out some techniques, you can really get rolling! Just be careful not to fall back down if you back up to build up some momentum. It’s also great fun to watch other people struggle, so maybe have your friends try it to get back at them for you-know-what!

Since Goop Loop was launched in Early Access back in 2020, features and content were continuously added, such as more obstacles to overcome, improved art assets, unlockable loops and goop colors, customizable controls, and a ton of new lines of dialogue that will make even the dadliest dad sigh.  For launch, an intro cinematic was created to completely clarify the origin of the goop, and definitely won’t raise further questions.

Goop Loop is built in Godot, a free, open-sourced game engine. Lone Wulf Studio LLC consists of just Nathan “jitspoe” Wulf, a AAA veteran gone indie. This is his first solo commercial release, but he also has a larger, ongoing project called Fist of the Forgotten.

Goop Loop Launch Trailer

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