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Uncover Spellbinding Combat & a Wickedly Arcane Mystery in Sorcerous – Out Now

Today, developer Sirenum Studios is proud to launch their debut project, a classic party-based arcane adventure, Sorcerous onto PC via Steam.

Andraste rushes to her Aunt Minerva’s room after hearing a scream, but barges in to a completely empty room. Later that night, a mysterious voice repeats the phrase in her mind¬†“Only light can conquer darkness”.¬†Sorcerous¬†invites players to join this powerful mage as she¬†builds a team of spellbinding prodigies¬†to search through gothic and dieselpunk environments, fight to find her family,¬†and uncover a dark mystery that could shake their world¬†to its core.

Sorcerous breathes new life into the well-known fantasy creatures like goblins, skeletons, and even rats! Uncover the mysteries lurking in the city of Lethe through completing over 60 master-crafted quests that will absorb you into the world and its inhabitants.

Will you uncover the mysteries of the world of Meridius? Or will the dark streets of Lethe swallow you whole?
Sirenum Studios prides itself on narrative design, the smallest details and how they tell the tale of the world around them are an important part of engaging the player in the new world they find themselves in. Sorcerous comes alive with a voice-acted cast of characters, drawing the player in as they work to uncover the many mysteries of the world of Meridius.

David Swift, head of Sirenum Studios said¬†“When developing Sorcerous, quest design was priority number one.”

“Each is a glimpse into the city of Lethe, an opportunity to build a more effective party and a compelling story in its own right.”

Sorcerous releases today on PC via Steam.

About Sorcerous

Andraste rushes to her Aunt Minerva’s room after hearing a scream, but finds the room completely empty. Later that night, the same few words begin to haunt her dreams.¬†“Only light can conquer darkness.”¬†Andraste must embark with fellow mages Blaze, Lupa, Nix and Stormy as they unravel a conspiracy of dark powers and ancient magic that threatens their home.

  • 14+ Hours of gameplay, complete with conversation, danger, and mystery.
  • Over 60 hand-crafted quests. An overheard conversation or simple side job could send you down a rabbit hole of puzzles and combat.
  • Customize your party with an arcane arsenal of magical tools, foci, and artifacts.
  • 4 detailed and sprawling regions to explore as you follow a trail of clues.
  • Tense strategic battles. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your team as well as your enemies will be key to your success!
Sorcerous Trailer

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