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Lazy Galaxy 2, an Idle Space-strategy Game is Out in Early Access

Lazy Galaxy 2,” an idle strategy gamewith basebuilding and combat elements, is out in early access!

Lazy Galaxy 2 is an idle/clicker game with base-building and RTS elements. Lead an evil (albeit lazy) alien race to conquer the universe! Expand your base, fight vicious foes, and conquer the galaxies. Acquire combat experience and convert into candy, the most precious alien resource!

Lazy Galaxy 2 – Early Access Trailer

Lazy Galaxy 2 is a game that you can run minimized while watching your favourite Netflix show. Build the base, check out the universe map and send your fleets to start the conquest. No micro-transactions are planned, the game is a single-player premium, pay-once, keep-clicking-forever title.

Lazy Galaxy 2 is released on Steam, available on Windows / Mac / Linux.

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