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Messenger-based Detective Thriller Nothing To Remember Launches Today With Free Demo

From the minds of Russian developer Guts United comes Nothing To Remember, an immersive detective thriller launching today on PC via Steam on July 29th, 2021, with a brand new trailer and free demo.

Step into the personal lives of Sarah and Jeremy, strangers joined together by a murder case long thought resolved. Using a seamless combination of a sleek messenger app, notes, files and even social media, Nothing To Remember is a detective thriller that tests the boundaries between a game, and a player’s reality. 

Driven by its grounded, desperately human cast of characters, Nothing To Remember is a piece of interactive fiction that truly tests not only your choice-making abilities, but your emotional reasoning.

Nothing To Remember is a thriller designed to challenge even the most experience player, and with four unique endings –  the destiny of these intertwined people is in your hands. [Continues below]

When discussing the game’s genre, Marina Kiseleva, lead writer, was quoted to say that although Nothing To Remember was intended to be a straight-forward detective game, during its design and development it “.. it went far beyond it.”

Kiseleva hopes that when players take on the case, they can “.. learn something new about themselves, and they may be surprised by their own behavior“.

Nothing To Remember is out now on Steam with a free demo available.

About Nothing To Remember

This was a closed case, folded away onto the dusty shelves of the precinct. The killer was pronounced dead, and families began to heal.

Then another victim goes missing, and you get a strange message in the night. A cold chill runs down your back – this isn’t over.

Nothing To Remember is a mystery designed with immersion in mind. The story takes place entirely in a sleek chat window directly on your desktop. Playing as two distinct characters, unknowingly intertwined, you’ll have full access to their personal messages, inner thoughts, and key decisions in their lives.

As the case progresses, your decision making will be tested in this tense, gripping tale of deceit, murder, and the human struggle to stay afloat in a chaotic world.


  • Immersive murder mystery – you’re in the centre of the action. The story plays out live on your desktop through our sleek messenger app. As you play, you’ll receive information and updates from the characters of this story – including the killer themselves.
  • Four unique endings – your choices matter, and could mean life or death. Choose wisely, and keep your notes updated to stay on-top of this twisting, turning case.
  • A grounded, human story – Nothing To Remember dives into the private secrets of your suspects – secrets they’re hiding from you, and themselves.
Nothing To Remember — PC Steam launch trailer

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