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Screenwave Media Games and Programancer Announce Dumpy & Bumpy Partnership

Screenwave Media Games is “pumped” to join forces with developer Programancer to bring you Dumpy & BumpyDumpy & Bumpy is a retro-style puzzle adventure, complete with 80 charming but challenging levels to bite, blow up, and break your way through. Play solo as Dumpy, or have a friend join you as Bumpy to crack each level’s code and crush the evil Ghostlord!

But don’t take too long, or the Ghosts will take you!


8 colorfully themed worlds, each containing 10 levels of varying objectives and hazards.
Slide, lift, and throw blocks, dodge past danger, blow-up bombs, or breathe fire.
Play 2P cooperatively, or mess with the other player.
Separate VS Battle Mode.
Replay levels to improve your high score or beat the Pro time.
12 Steam Achievements to Unlock.

Dumpy & Bumpy is already available for download on Steam for $4.99. Screenwave Media Games and Programancer will be working together on future console port(s) of the Dragon Penguins’ journey through 8 themed worlds of mind-bending action! 

Dumpy & Bumpy Release Trailer

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