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NIGHTSLINK – Deliver Haunted Cassette Tapes to Strange Individuals in a Post-apocalyptic World

Noiseminded’s next game, “NIGHTSLINK”, will be coming to Steam for Windows PC.

NIGHTSLINK – Steam Trailer

NIGHTSLINK portrays the story of a lone delivery person tasked with recording, transporting, and delivering audio cassette tapes to an apartment building inhabited by reclusive and strange individuals. It is clear that something horrible has overtaken this world, and you can sense it getting worse by the day. As the darkness seeps into the liminal spaces, truths will be revealed.

The story is revealed through dialogue that is permeated with subtext that delivers important lore about the reality inhabited by the characters. As time goes on, their thoughts become more incoherent, despondent, or even outright hostile. The player explores the story through a linear path punctuated with secret interactions and strange occurrences.

NIGHTSLINK merges Playstation era graphics with cinematic aesthetics to deliver a harrowing story of fear, isolation, and utter hopelessness. Although a playthrough takes about 40 minutes to conclude, the game’s imagery and mysteries will stay with you longer. It’s a love letter to fans of short horror experiences.

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