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Genre-busting New Puzzler The Godkiller – Chapter 1 Releases Public Beta Demo

Seespace Labs is pleased to announce that its upcoming puzzle adventure game The Godkiller – Chapter 1 now has a demo available on the Steam store. This is a public beta which features the first 12 levels of a planned 60. Players will push blocks, climb upstairs, form words to open doors, and climb back downstairs again as they explore the secrets of the afterlife. The demo features the beginning of a fully voice-acted story, including three original songs.

“We’re hoping to use the beta to tune the game well to players that like puzzle games but don’t like super-difficult puzzles,” says Erik Hermansen, lead designer and developer. “Each level can be beaten two ways – the easy way and the hard way. So we’ve got the hardcore solvers covered too.”

“It’s been a struggle explaining the game to people, because it departs from so many conventions,” Erik adds. “Players tend to look for games similar to other games they’ve enjoyed. But The Godkiller is really different.”

Nevertheless, we’ll try to summarise: The Godkiller is a Sokoban-like block puzzler, except that blocks can be thrown across whole rooms until they hit a wall, and so can the player character. It’s a top-down grid-based game like Erik’s previous puzzle game series Deadly Rooms of Death, except that it’s in full 3D, and players will need to think vertically and stack blocks upwards to solve some challenges. It’s an exploration of the afterlife and religion, but it’s also a musical with a full original vocalised soundtrack. As Erik says, “it’s like it wants to be in a genre that doesn’t exist yet.”

A full release of The Godkiller – Chapter 1 is planned for January 1st 2022.

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