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A New Adventure Game Almost My Floor is Now Available on Steam

It is a mix of horror, detective, and point’n’click quest. This game has an interesting plot, with the possibility of the player’s influence on the course of events. High-quality graphics and many storyline comics. You will have to look at the same things from two different angles in order to eventually get to the bottom of the truth.

The narrative comes from two points of view: Alex himself and detective Adam, following his footsteps and investigating the incidents. The storytelling is not limited to dialogs – it comes through item descriptions and visual components of the game.

The game is a classic point’n’click with additional plot cutscenes designed as comic panels. To enhance the feeling of danger, the gameplay has a few action scenes which will challenge player reflexes. You can die in many ways, the danger will keep you on your toes. There are two playable characters with their own point of view, which deepens the plot and game world. Besides standard item mechanics, the game has some complex puzzles which may leave you scratching your head.

The story begins with a completely unremarkable day of a completely unremarkable guy, Alex. But reality crumbles around him. What’s happening? A stupid joke, a parallel world, or he simply got a few screws loose? The sinister story of house #9 from the perspective of two playable characters – a simple guy Alex and an outstanding detective Adam Trust.

Almost My Floor presents an endearing story-driven experience with a vibrant hand-drawn environment with a ton of fluff and details waiting to be explored.

Your choices influence the story and it’s up to you how this story will end. Our team:
Anna Lepeshkina – game designer, artist, screenwriter.
Alexey Zavrin – programmer, animator.
The game was developed by a married couple of game developers. We want to tell a story that will be remembered for its visual style and atmosphere.

Almost my floor – point and click horror adventure trailer.

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