Empire of Ember’s New Features Include Enhanced Visuals and Tweaked Mechanics

After five months on Early Access, indie studio Poleaxe Games have released the first animation patch for Empire of Ember. This first pass includes improved first-person animations for the different styles of combat: melee, bow, spell and staff attacks. One of the most notable changes is that you can now block your enemies’ attacks with a magical shield when using the melee archetype.

The main developer Kevin Jenkins has been able to introduce new features according to the feedback gathered thanks to Empire of Ember’s fans, and since the Steam Early Access release on March 31st has been making improvements accordingly. While further animation additions are planned for the future, the development will now focus on other fixes for the time being. All their progress can be followed through the publications and Dev Blogs on the Steam Community of Empire of Ember.


Empire of Ember is a first-person action-RPG with real-time strategy and management elements in which you play as the apprentice of a Lightbringer, a human sensitive to the mystical Ember shards that grant the use of magic. After your master is killed by a goblin army led by a mysterious masked cultist, you inherit rule over his city and its inhabitants. Now you will need to bring your town back to prosperity while investigating the strange events behind your master’s murder, which will lead you to uncover a death cult that threatens to destroy the very foundations of the world. Lead your troops in thrilling battles of up to a hundred units in fully destructible environments, explore a world of procedurally generated maps and dungeons, build and customise your town with total freedom, and govern and manage your resources wisely to bring your city back to life. The fate of the Empire is in your hands!


  • Dual wield spells and weaponry in first-person thrilling battles of up to a hundred units. Fight directly where you are most needed, or command your soldiers using real-time strategy mechanics for more tactical encounters.
  • Build, design and customise your city completely with a library of over 2,500 assets.
  • Defend your own fully destructible 3D town and raze enemy cities to the ground.
  • Explore the procedurally generated world of Domus. Maps and dungeons will keep on changing with each new campaign and save file.
  • Manage your economy, resources and hold court to make decisions that will change the story and lead to different game endings.

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