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Riding Towards a New Chapter, Riders of Icarus is Now Coming to Southeast Asia on Steam

VALOFE has announced the release date for Riders of Icarus: SEA on Steam.
After 5 strong years of Riders of Icarus, it’s now time to delve into the Southeast Asian market. Riders of Icarus: SEA will be available in Steam on August 18, 2021.
Key Features from the Game Launch includes:

  • Level 70 unlocked. Players can level up until the max level of 70 unhindered. Catch up to the story of Riders of Icarus uninterrupted and start taming as well as fighting the mightiest of foes.
  • Familiar Taming. The bread and butter of Riders of Icarus, tame any beast available to you and receive their powers to fight fierce opponents.
  • Yatuman’s Altar Raid. The deadly Yatuman has awakened and has started wreaking havoc in the Brakarr Forest. Fight in a massive mechanic-heavy gameplay against the strongest raid boss in Midellas so far.
  • Assault on Scarlet Harbor. Journey forth on your assault on Scarlet Harbor, an ever-growing unique raid dungeon with several bosses.
  • Weapon Awakening. Empower your skills by awakening your weapon by infusing it with Ancient familiars.

 This is just the beginning of our content updates so be sure to check the website from time to time and never miss out.
There’s also an on-going event right now called the Hearty Gallery where participants have a chance to win an iPhone 12, a Razer Kraken Gaming Headset, and a Razer Basilisk X Gaming Mouse!
Riders of Icarus: SEA is free to play on Steam.

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