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Renew Old Medical Clinic With Hospital Renovator (Steam)

Supernova Studio in cooperation with T-Bull as a producer announces work on a new simulator. A page with the announcement of the Hospital Renovator game is now available on the Steam platform, i.e. renewing abandoned wards into a world-class medical center.

To recover from illnesses you need good hospital staff but also a safe and clean place where you will feel comfortable. Pay attention to high hygienic standards. This time you need to focus not only on the visual sides of your job. Your priority is to create a place where people will receive needed help. Add all necessary medical equipment like CT, MRI, EKG machines, and many more. But before you do that, you need to clean an abandoned hospital and renovate it.

Choose one of the available departments like Patient Room, Children Ward, Operation room, etc., and start make-over. Remember about functionality which is important to react fast if a patient will feel worse. 

Every department has a different level of difficulty and different demands. After finishing each, the ward starts to work and take care of new patients. 

Hospital Renovator is the fourth title from Supernova Studio that you can add to your wishlist on the Steam platform right now. The game will be published by T-Bull S.A.

Hospital Renovator || Official Announcement Trailer

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