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Want to Play Hide-and-seek? Yuoni, the Terrifying Narrative-driven Japanese Horror Game is Out Now on PC, PS4, and PS5

From Japanese studio Tricore Inc and Coffee Talk publisher Chorus Worldwide comes Yuoni, a terrifying sunset-stained first-person narrative horror game where you have but three choices: hide, run, or die. Yuoni has crept onto PC, PS4, and PS5 today (an Xbox console release is also coming very soon). Be sure to check out the launch trailer:

Yuoni – OUT NOW on PS4, PS5 and Steam

You play as Ai, a grade-schooler in 1990s Japan who will soon face her new reality, dragged into a living ghost story where the sun never sets and otherworldly entities hunt her every step of the way. Embrace a deadly game of hide-and-seek as you journey through a tragic tale of friendship, betrayal, and your darkest demons. Escape from the nightmare is determined by your memory, smarts, your ability to hold your breath when hiding, and knowing when to run for your life.


  • Weave your way through beautiful, sunset-stained environments in 1990s Japan.
  • Unravel a chilling horror tale from the perspective of the tough, but vulnerable Ai.
  • Play a deadly game of hide-and-seek with otherworldly entities.
  • Learn each spirit’s weakness to survive. Hide, run, or die.
  • Reach the conclusion to reveal a second path through Yuoni. Slip back into Ai’s horror and face more challenging foes for even greater reward…

Take a terrifying trip to 1990s Japan in Yuoni, out now digitally on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, priced at USD 21.99, EUR 18.99, GBP 16.99, JPY 2420. Yuoni will also be scaring Xbox console owners very soon, with a release date yet to be announced.

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