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Early Access Release for Lilith Odyssey: A Quirky Migration Twist on Open-world Space Adventure

Duo developer studio Chaystar Unlimited announced today that their four-year passion project Lilith Odyssey has hit Early Access on the Steam store.

Inspired by a nostalgia for Oregon Trail and the immersive depth of No Man’s Sky, Lilith Odyssey simulates an alien family’s migration across the cosmos to a planet of hope and promise. Casual flight sim mechanics combine with top-down planet survival as players sail on solar rays, tune in to a completely original in-game radio, and navigate an open-world galaxy with the freedom to explore more than 1000 unique worlds. The game’s oddball, low-poly galaxy is filled with alien cultures and animals, space businesses, space- and ground-level threats, and a depth of lore.

With Lilith Odyssey, we aim to bring a fresh take to the space adventure genre by simulating an alien family’s migration across the cosmos. We want players to feel the challenge and mystery of a galactic journey. Casual flight sim mechanics are used to ride solar rays across vast distances, balanced with the strategy to manage supplies, defend against space- and ground-level threats, and explore opportunities for food, fuel and goods on alien worlds. Our hope is that the adventure captures the grand scale of long-distance space navigation and draws players into the civilization of a strange galaxy that comes with its own lingo, history and an in-game radio of original “pop hits,” DJ segments, and ads. The story has a beginning and an end, but it’s the player’s leadership that defines the rest.

The Great Nacho Wars have ended and a corrupt galactic government saps life and resources from the many war-weary planets it controls. Many alien families are desperate to leave their dying planets, and players must select one they want to help. The wealthier the aliens, the easier the journey. 

  • Outfit space sailing ships, chart a course along solar highways, and beam down to more than 1000 possible planets, moons and asteroids along the way. Each world is procedurally generated with its own blend of biomes, weather, animals, civilization (sometimes hostile) and topography.
  • The galaxy holds its own intrigue – various space businesses and star malls offer unique items and services while monuments hold clues into the galaxy’s history.
  • Researching survival technology, defenses, and weaponry for planets and cosmic travel helps advance and protect player economies from ground-level and space raiders alike.
  • Cruise to your target destination and turn up the Grand Theft Auto-inspired radio station – the game’s original soundtrack that includes more than 80 minutes of “hit songs,” DJ segments and ads that are completely unique to the Lilith Odyssey universe. (You can get an Ad-Free upgrade to the radio if you want just the tunes.) Listen to the sample:
Radio Soundtrack Teaser – Lilith Odyssey

Lilith Odyssey’s Early Access launch via Steam on August 20, 2021, features an initial discount of %. Check out the Steam store page for more quirk and content.

Lilith Odyssey Announcement Trailer

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