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Go on Adventures to Protect Your Village in the New Rift Adventure

QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Game Brew Studios, is pleased to announce our new brand game Rift Adventure that will be available for Nintendo Switch, PS4 / 5, Xbox One X|S and Steam.

Rift Adventure is a 2D platformer of action and adventure and RPG elements with retro pixel art style that seeks to educate and raise awareness of young people, teenagers and also homesick players about tax, tax education, citizenship and the cause and consequence of their actions.

All this in a fantasy medieval universe where all characters are animalized. The protagonist is an adventurer who seeks treasure and excitement, but sees his best friend and adventure partner being possessed and kidnapped by a powerful and evil being from the underworld.


  • Different worlds for exploration.
  • More than 20 levels with 8 different bosses.
  • Beautiful retro graphics.
  • Easy gameplay and controls.
  • Amazing soundtrack.
Rift Adventure | PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam

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