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Plague Breaker Launches on Steam in Early Access on September 14th

Indie game developer Wozzy Games Limited is releasing their first commercial product: Plague Breaker, available on Steam in Early Access for PC as of September 14th. Styled after classic Castlevania games and full of roguelike elements, Plague Breaker is sure to delight roguelike fans and Castlevania fans alike.
Plague Breaker is a retro roguelike platformer with heavy RPG elements. Players can pick their class, or create their own class using the class creator, and explore a procedurally generated dungeon filled with undead monsters, corrupted plague doctors and fighting bosses. Plague Breaker also features a splitscreen co-op mode, allowing two players to explore the dungeon together.
“Replayability and customization were a major factor when designing Plague Breaker, it was important to be able to feel like you’re improving not just in the gameplay but also in how you design your character” – Alexander Wazonek, Director of Wozzy Games

Plague Breaker Steam Trailer

Plague Breaker contains 4 classes, each with a complete skill tree to explore for over 60 unique skills. Players are able to multiclass across these class trees to create unique character combinations, or unlock the Class Creator to create their own custom class using skills and items they’ve found in the dungeon. There are also over 70 magic items as well as randomly generated weapons, alongside procedurally generated levels, making Plague Breaker the perfect game to replay over and over again.
Players can purchase the game on Steam in Early Access with a 10% launch discount, fully priced at $11.99(USD) / $13.99(CAD) / €9.99.
Steam Page:

  • Roguelike gameplay. Unlock new items and classes for future runs.
  • 4 unlockable classes, each with a unique skill tree.
  • Create a custom class with the class creator.
  • Multiclass across skill trees to create unique builds.
  • Over 25 enemies.
  • 6 bosses.
  • 70 unlockable items.
  • 6 different weapon types with randomly generated attributes.
  • Full controller support.
  • Local co-op splitscreen.

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