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PalmRide Now on Steam

Before the pandemic started, one computer science student was prototyping with making pseudo-3d driving games. After a prototype that received positive feedback on Reddit, he decided to turn it into a full game. Fast forward more than a year, and now the full game is available on Steam: If you like what you see on the Steam page of the game, consider giving it a try!

PalmRide is a retrofuturistic fast-paced driving game inspired by classic games like Out Run, or Rad Racer, and the modern Synthwave/ Outrun flashy aesthetics.

The game is about driving. Really, you have to drive A LOT in this game! Let the synthwave beats guide you into a journey through the night. 

Tired of driving alone?

In this game, you don’t have to drive alone! There is a game mode (RAD GUY) where you have to get the best score. See how other players played, and try to get a better score than them! The leaderboard resets daily, so you always have an opportunity to be the best!

There is a vast game world to explore, and each game zone has its unique mechanics and visuals. You will encounter cities, mountains and beaches on your way! Avoid arcade machine robots, reckless drivers, police, and then casually jump over the ocean!

Features in the game

  • Endless procedurally generated map.
  • Vibrant and alive city.
  • Roads that go through mountains.
  • Places where you have to jump over the ocean.
  • Road rendering using classic road rendering techniques.
  • Extra lives, bullets, nitro, flight bonuses.
  • Synthwave background music.
  • Ability to import your own music into the game.
  • Ability to shoot pretty much everything.
  • Tunnels that trigger your photosensitive epilepsy.
  • Online global ranking system.

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