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Me Vs You – Early Access is Now Live on Steam

Amped Horizon, an independent Indie Game Developer from Austria announced the global Me Vs You start of Early Access and the chase for World First Achievements.
Me Vs You is a competitive Indie 3D Third-Person Action game. Different unique Arenas will require a different skill-set to master them. The Arenas are either prebuilt (Challenges) or customized (use of randomization and/or Procedural Level Generation to avoid that players just memorize the “flow” of the level to get an advantage) and can be played alone or against friends.

The vision is to provide a game that is purely skill-based and that allows you to constantly improve your skills, find your skill-cap and measure them against others. Early Access is crucial to achieving the vision as the balancing (needs to be really easy but hard to master) won’t be possible without feedback. During Early Access the game will get improvements, new challenges and content based on the player feedback, to have a balanced and smoothly running game at release.
Currently available Arena types:

  • Speedrun.
  • Encounter.
  • Archery Golf.
  • Duel.
  • Hunting Ground.
  • Shooting Range.
Me Vs You – Early Access Trailer

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