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My Eyes is Coming to Steam

The two-person indie game studio Deadly Serious Media is back with a new release for PC, with console ports in the works! My Eyes is a fully voice-acted physics climber experience where you move around by shooting lasers out of your eyes.

The game features six beautiful maps with dangers lurking around every corner and a unique story about how a wish upon a star can change your life, for better or for worse. You see, getting laser vision comes at a cost, in this case getting your head severed off by the very same star you wished upon. 

To make things right again you need to work your way back up to the top of the cave systems where your body awaits you. It may seem simple, but even sitting still for too long comes at a cost as the heat from your laser vision builds up inside your head. The constant struggle to keeping the pain at bay, either hurting from letting the lasers out or letting the heat build up inside your head, is a game in itself. This makes My Eyes easy to pick up but hard to master.

My Eyes may look like a silly, casual, physics game, but it is much more grueling than it might first appear. My Eyes is a physics climber with a story that dives deep into the reality of impulsive decisions, enduring consequences, and personal responsibility. The story is brought to life by the incredibly talented voice actor Luke Demaine playing out the inner monologue of the main character, written by Allen Isom, as he goes from sad and mad to clarity and acceptance.

Deadly Serious Media teamed up with producer Johan Persson for the soundtrack and sound design which gradually adapts to fit the theme of each area. The world design features six distinctly different maps, seamlessly stitched together and centered around the depths of the cave system. The themes vary greatly from ancient and magical to modern and industrial depending on your path through the maze-like cave system.

Even with so many different ways to navigate through the game in plain sight, My Eyes offers secrets hidden all the way through. Dark passageways leading to new areas or discoveries about the cave system, and what goes on there, are not uncommon if you know where to look. Simply finding these secrets tells a story within each map, making the world feel absolutely captivating and alive.

Take aim, take flight, and shoot your way to redemption in this absurd, yet simple, point and click, physics climber!

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