Sheltered 2

Developed by Unicube.
Published by Team17.
Released on 21st September 2021.

A brutal survival management simulator set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Keep your faction of survivors alive, maintain your shelter and scavenge the ravaged world for resources. Befriend and trade with the factions you meet or conquer them by force.

Sheltered 2 is set in a post-apocalyptic world, twenty years after the world ended. The remaining humans divided into factions that do not like each other very much. Opposed to the series’ debut, this one serves new challenges and a deeper strategic gameplay. You will need to create a leader of a faction and build it up, all while you also do the management of resources and opposing the threats that await you. Dehydration, starvation, extreme temperatures, radiation poisoning and enemy attacks can, and most certainly will, prove as fatal for your faction’s members. There is also no ability to re-spawn, so plan your decision accordingly. The more your base will be successful, the more your faction will be as well. Exploring the wasteland and building good relationships, or rivalries, with other factions will be crucial to your success. Trading resources will be a must with the friendly factions, and combating the rivals will serve towards a path to your domination. You will not be in a big advantage if you have played Sheltered, since the faction system is completely new to its successor. The faction leader is the most important member of your shelter and with their death your game will be over too. As far as resource management goes, you will need to keep the wants and needs of your faction members in balance and also craft and maintain equipment to stay alive.

+ Skill trees and faction goals.
+ Updated graphics compared to Sheltered.
+ Replayabilty.
– Overcomplicated gameplay.
– Resources are kind of scarce. Really scarce.
– Bugs and game glitches.
– Not the easiest game around, so it will only cater to a smaller audience.

Final verdict

Sheltered 2 does not scratch the itch we had from waiting on it. It is an okay sequel to a very good game, but we cannot recommend it to a larger audience. Its graphics are nicer to the original pixel-art, but it lacks the charisma the first one had. Get it if you are a huge fan of Sheltered, but we hope you will not be disappointed.