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The Handler of Dragons, an Action RPG With Moral Choices, to Hit PC Early Access

The Handler of Dragons, an indie action RPG created by a single developer, debuts in Early Access on PC. The new title is distinguished not only by the presence of dragons, but also by a system of moral choices influencing the plot. The release date of The Handler of Dragons on Steam Early Access is set for September 27 this year. The game is also scheduled to hit PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

The Handler of Dragons has been developed for over three years by Jerzy Caliński. It will be published by Golden Eggs Studio.

The new title is a 3D action RPG game with a third person perspective. The player takes on the role of a warrior who can communicate with dragons, creatures that are key to the story set in a unique fantasy world.

The gameplay is mainly based on exploration, interactions, discovering and shaping the story, as well as fighting monsters (such as skeletons, orcs, trolls and golems). As the character progresses, they learn, among others, new skills and magic attacks. The game is also distinguished by a system of moral choices.

When developing The Handler of Dragons, I set myself the goal of combining an intriguing adventure and fun gameplay with some degree of depth, so that perhaps players could take something more out of this game. In this context, the moral choices made in the game and their outcomes play an important role, because you will have to face the consequences of your decisions” – said Jerzy Caliński, the game’s creator.

As Jerzy Caliński pointed out, completing the game takes an average of about 3 hours, but the possibility of getting to know the plot after making different decisions may encourage you to play again. The player will decide, for example, whether they want to have a positive or negative attitude towards dragons.

The Handler of Dragons – features:

  • Dragons.
  • Moral choices.
  • A unique fantasy world.
  • Varied monsters, locations and player classes.
  • A spell and skills system.

The release date for PC (Steam Early Access) is set for September 27, 2021. The Early Access phase will last about 3 months – during this time the game will be improved and expanded with new features (including side missions and weapon modifications). In 2022, it’s also scheduled to be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

The Handler Of Dragons Official Trailer #2

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