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Become a Forklift Master – Best Forklift Operator is Getting Ready to Work

Gamedust, the publisher of the game Best Forklift Operator, announces that the title will hit Steam Early Access in 2022.

Best Forklift Operator allows the player to become the operator of the forklift – an everyday unnoticed cog that turns out to be crucial in a world’s long supply chain. Every day, forklifts and their operators move hundreds of thousands of tons of goods around the world, ensuring smooth operations in factories, ports and warehouses.

The adventure with forklifts begins with mandatory training – safety is crucial! The game uses simulation elements to initiate the player into the art of operating a forklift truck. The player must skillfully operate the machine, master the skill of carefully lifting and lowering the transported goods, and above all – do not damage the cargo.

After completing the training, the player can play the addictive career mode, in which the key to success is speed and precision, the player will also receive prizes for the completed tasks. However, you must remember that any damage to the cargo will affect your reputation. As an addition to the campaign, the game will also offer an Arcade mode, which allows you to play with forklifts in a completely different, more crazy, way.

Best Forklift Operator fully supports the virtual reality mode! In this way, you can get even more into the new role. However, nothing prevents you from developing your career using the flat screen, mouse and keyboard or gamepad.

Game Features:

  • Full support for virtual reality environment.
  • In-depth tutorial to master the art of forklift operation.
  • Test your skills by completing tasks in career mode – speed and accuracy will earn you bonuses, damaged loads carry penalties.
  • Have fun in an arcade mode that lets you relax after a hard day’s work.
  • Fight for the best results in extensive leaderboards.

Best Forklift Operator will debut in Early Access on Steam in 2022. In addition to refining and developing the mechanics involved in operating forklifts, the game will be expanded with new tasks, vehicles and warehouses. More information can be found on the game’s Steam page.

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