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Taste the End as it’s Nearly Upon Us! The Sin Collector: Repentless Demo Version is a Part of Steam Next Fest

The Polish Sylen Studio is proud to announce that their upcoming title The Sin Collector: Repentless is a part of the Steam Next Fest on 1st-7th October. During this multi-day celebration, gamers will be able to explore future titles, play various game demos, watch interesting live streams, and chat with dev teams about their development process. The Sin Collector: Repentless demo will be available during the festival, allowing players to play and experience the virtual Apocalypse. Will you be persistent enough to bring the End of the World to completion?

The Sin Collector: Repentless masterfully blurs the lines between classical text-based RPGs and modern visual novel games. The players will venture into the hellish landscapes of Warsaw – a once-sprawling metropolis, now burned to the ground and turned into one of the main battlefields of the not-so-much-successful Apocalypse – one that still needs to be purged of the remaining sinners.

The game’s story serves as a prequel to The Sin Collector trilogy of books, being a one-of-a-kind companion story for long-time fans of the series, as well as a great entry point for any newcomers. The scenario takes place a couple of years before the events depicted in the original story: the End of the World is underway, but not everything had gone as planned. Mankind proved itself to be a stubborn collective, and even having been promised Life Eternal, people weren’t too fond of the annihilation. And so, Them At The Top sent an appointed group of people – the eponymous Sin Collectors – whose sole purpose is now to execute the Debtors for their sins committed.

From the very beginning, since I wrote the very first sentences of the book, I’ve thought to myself, “Let’s create a world of the ongoing Apocalypse with game mechanics embedded right away.” Hence the whole system of kosher and blasphemy, the ideas for the energy budget, and the bottomlessly dimwitted Envoys, whom the main character himself often compares to dumb AI… Oh, and not to mention how the Supervising Angel appears to the book’s protagonist as a pixelated, two-dimensional sprite – because he’s ventured too far away from the Light and has poor reception… Video games are all but a natural step forward, given the ideas presented in the books!

says Michał Gołkowski, the author of The Sin Collector series and the main writer of the game.

The Sin Collector: Repentless will be available on Steam this year!

Game features:

  • BECOME Aniketos – a Sin Collector serving Them At The Top. Strive to clear up the remains of our world of sinners and bring the half-baked Apocalypse to an (un)happy conclusion.
  • VENTURE across a post-apocalyptic world rendered through beautiful illustrations – from the streets of a burnt-out Warsaw to the unwelcoming and uncharted lands of the Reverse.
  • DISCOVER a new chapter in the fan-favorite Sin Collector trilogy of books as you wander through a world created by Michał Gołkowski.
  • SURVIVE in a world doomed for destruction. Make decisions that are not always morally sound or sane.
  • CREATE your own playstyle! Decide what characteristics, skills, and equipment your hero will have at his disposal.
The Sin Collector: Repentless

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