Developed by Bleakmill.
Published by Headup.
Released on 30th September 2021.

INDUSTRIA is a first-person shooter that takes you from East Berlin into a parallel reality, shortly before the end of the Cold War. On the search for a missing work colleague, you decypher a dark past in a mysterious parallel dimension.

INDUSTRIA takes place on the evening when the Berlin wall fell, when your protagonist Nora enters a parallel dimension in search of her missing colleague Walter. It is a classic story-driven first-person shooter with a greatly designed world that is filled with mysteries. There are enemies everywhere and you will defend yourself with four different weapons. Your enemies are humanoid robots and machines, but never humans or other living creatures. Because of that, we can classify the game as a sci-fi first-person shooter that takes place in an alternate reality where a technological breakthrough has been revealed. On the toughest difficulty the enemies will provide a bigger challenge and the ammo will be available in lesser numbers. It will have its tense moments but overall it is not anything too difficult. Game’s soundtrack is very good as well, combining acoustics, synthesizers and vocals. The whole game will take you about four hours to complete. Because of its linear story, the game sadly does not have any replay value, unless you want to take on the robots once again. We recommend INDUSTRIA to everyone who has liked games like Bioshock and Half-Life, and basically to everyone who wants a go at a very decent first-person shooter with a great atmosphere.

+ Very original game setting.
+ Diverse weapons with great gameplay.
+ Detailed graphics and the world itself.
– Some glitches and bugs.
– A bit of a high price for only four hours of gameplay.

Final Verdict

INDUSTRIA is not a perfect game, but it is enjoyable nonetheless. It will captivate you and you will have fun with it for a few hours. For a developer’s first game, this one is a big achievement and we look forward to their upcoming games. It is an impressive title, considering it was put together by only a few team members.