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Changes – a Puzzle Game About Transformations – is Out on Steam and Itch

In Changes you solve puzzles by pushing cells to reshape the level and reveal latent possibilities. Each level takes place on a grid of cells which follow three rules: cells are born, die, or survive based on how many living cells neighbor them. All the puzzles emerge from these three rules, which come together to tell stories about the transformations caused by life and death. Some are tragic, others epic, and a few are pretty cute.


  • Dynamic music created by your movement and the birth and death of cells.
  • The undo system lets you rewind time to fix mistakes or replay a chain reaction.
  • Discover how beautiful shapes emerge from simple rules across over 100 puzzles.
  • A world decorated with poems, bits of history, and developer commentary.
  • There are no gated areas or hidden levels. The game will never hide itself from you.
  • 8 exhibits which each explore themes like identity, conflict, and sacrifice.
Changes Release Trailer

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