Glitched Reviews is an independent, non-profit gaming website born out of our love of playing games and writing reviews.

We have been around since the middle of October 2019 with the originator having a lot of review sites already before Glitched Reviews, but none stuck as this one. He had his first gaming site already in primary school with a few of schoolmates, but it was not as serious as this one, of course. Glitched Reviews is a hobby project, since we have regular jobs as well. It is also a micro project, since there are only two people who do all the work for Glitched Reviews at the moment.

The platforms we cover are PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Steam, but we cannot cover games for the Xbox family of consoles or Nintendo Switch, since no one owns them. We also do not cover mobile games of any platforms.

Glitched Reviews' reach peaked in October 2021 with 58413 visits, averaging at 1884 visits per day.

Interested in reviewing?
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